Sara Labels produces and delivers high quality labels to textile companies and in every field where woven labels are needed, quickly and in high quality, within the requested time. For our customers who place orders, our woven label manufacturing, graphic design, designers and logistics employees provide services with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction

Since our woven labels are produced in our own factory and in Turkey, a textile country, our It is unrivaled in terms of price and quality.

The labels we produce are durable enough to ensure that your brand remains visible as long as the product you sell is used. However, our labels are soft enough to not disturb the human body. Our products are so soft and durable that your customers will not be able to separate the label from the clothing with a pair of scissors. Thus, whether you are a decades-old company or a new venture, we produce labels that can sustain your brand value forever.

In cases where you are undecided about the design of your woven labels or do not have a graphic design, we design for you with our graphic design team.

In your woven label orders, according to our customer's request. Washing, ironing, dry cleaning and product content information are shown on the back of the label.

Choosing the right materials for your brand label is as important as choosing the right materials for your products; because your brand label is the only thing left attached to your product when all other packaging is removed.