Our Sticker Label Printing Technique Protects You from Bad Surprises

We've all had moments when we didn't get our money's worth.


As you know, this is not a very pleasant feeling.


Unfortunately, we may encounter this feeling again during the sticker printing process.


Poor color quality can damage brand reputation, and cheap adhesive material can prevent the label from adhering strongly. Such problems mean that money is completely wasted.


So, how do we prevent these potential problems?

There are two things we do differently than most manufacturing companies.


And these two things; guaranteeing you a stress-free label purchasing process.


1- Machines used in production


Manufacturers generally use digital printing machines for such labels.


Although these machines are advantageous in terms of cost, they lag far behind professional printing machines in terms of print quality.


We use 4-color modern printing machines for sticker printing. Additionally, thanks to the unique printing techniques we use, you do not need to pay a fortune for a higher quality label printing.


2- Sticker paper used


Another factor that determines the quality of adhesive labels is the paper used.


There are 2 options for adhesive paper printing on the market. One of them is imported and the other is domestic.


Domestic papers are more affordable in price. But it has a surface that looks as if it were "dirty". This causes the colors to appear blurry.


Also, the adhesive material they have is very weak. That's why they can't hold on to a surface you stick them on for a long time.


We use imported papers to give you the maximum experience. In this way, we eliminate the possibility of you getting a headache in the future.


Adhesive Label Types

There are different adhesive sticker models depending on their intended use.


You can access detailed information about these below and be more clear about what you need.


Coated Label

It is the most preferred type.


The reason for this is that it is both affordable and has a very wide usage area.


It is very suitable for brand advertising. In particular, you can make an effective advertisement by sticking it on the cargo boxes you send. Of course, its usage area is limited only by imagination.


In simpler terms, you can easily use coated labels on almost anything that cannot be washed.


Generally, flat, oval or round sticker shapes are preferred. But remember; When purchasing labels from us, you do not pay any price difference for special cuts. Therefore, if you have an extraordinary idea in your mind, you can easily implement it.


Can be produced as roll labels in very high quantities


Personalized Opaque Label


If you are looking for durability, then your choice should definitely be opaque labels.


These products are not affected by water and are resistant to tearing. Naturally, the bonded product can easily be washed.


Additionally, they can remain on the surface to which they are attached for years. Since they are plastic-based, they are often preferred as product labels.


If you want a sticker that sticks to the glass, you can choose these products.


It is our most demanded product after coated sticker printing.


Personalized Transparent Label


Transparent labels also allow the applied surface to be visible.


Thanks to this feature, it has unique usage areas.


You can often see transparent labels on glass jar and bottle products. It is also used on doors and windows, as you'll see in many stores.


As with Opaque, it is resistant to all weather conditions and waterproof.


If you are still undecided about which label type to choose, you can contact us and get support without hesitation.

How Does the Purchasing Process Work?

You no longer have to go through complicated processes for the stickers of your dreams.


All you have to do is; Send us the necessary information for the design via Whatsapp or email.


The design is then prepared and submitted for approval.


After approval, the products will be delivered to the cargo company within 4-5 business days at the latest and the cargo tracking number will be sent to you.


That is all.


How Can I Make Payment?

You can make payment by choosing the payment method below that suits you.


Credit card

Bank Transfer

Payment by Credit Card 

Western Union etc.

When Can I Receive My Labels?

We know how important your deadline is to you.


That's why we pay great attention to this issue.


For coated labels, the latest shipping date is generally 5 business days. However, this period may be shorter. You can contact us and find out the current delivery time.


For Opaque and Transparent labels, this period is 2 business days.


Minimum How Many Labels Can I Have Made?

For coated stickers, this number is 1,000 pieces.


Maybe you need fewer. But remember; There is not a big price difference between 100-200 stickers.


So you get more labels for less money.


For opaque and transparent, this number is 100.


Can I Get a Sample Before Printing?

Of course you can have it.


You can have an idea thanks to the sticker models that come with it.


3 samples will be delivered to cargo within 1 business day.