Although leather labels are mostly used for jeans in textile products, they are preferred in shoes, coats, jackets, hats and many other areas. We produce in different colors and shapes with organic leather and artificial leather options. personalized leather labels reveal the quality of your brand. If you want, please contact us for various leather labels that we can design together.


our products; It is a type of label created by applying printing techniques on genuine and artificial leather. These labels, prepared using burning, embossing, gilding, frequency, serigraphy and laser engraving techniques, are also enriched with various materials such as zamak.


Artificial Personalized Leather Labels

We offer our customers the highest quality printing precision and original designs in leather label manufacturing. These types of labels are generally used in textile and accessory materials in the industry.


If you sell online or directly in a store, you still need this type of label. At this point, we listen to your needs and send your label orders to you all over the world by cargo using shipping methods such as DHL or UPS or logistics companies for large orders.


We can write text on your orders in any font size and font type you want. We can also embroider your brand logo on the leather.

Our artificial leather labels are highly resistant to external factors. It is long-lasting against washing, rain and sunlight. You can easily sew it on your product by hand or with a sewing machine. Our color printing variant is available on leather for large quantities only. Please also ask for the price.

Organic Personalized Leather Labels

Our personalized organic leather labels, keychains and accessories are produced from cowhide. Our organic products are basically produced in three different qualities and prices. Color options are limited. For this reason, color options please asked to us in advance.

Is the leather label suitable for washing?


Of course. Our labels are made of the highest quality artificial leather and are absolutely suitable for long-term use and washing.


Are you doing the design?

We decide on the design together via our WhatsApp line. If you have your own design or logo, we will prepare a template as you wish and submit it for your approval.


How many pieces can I buy at least?

Our minimum order quantity for leather labels is 100 pieces. Please contact us for price.


How does the payment process work?

We receive payment via bank transfer/eft or Western Unioun. After we design the leather label as you describe and have you approve the template, we provide our bank or WU information.