As Sara Labels, we produce cardboard labels in different thicknesses and sizes. We can produce these labels in our printing house in different types according to the quality requested by our customers. In line with your requests, we can produce your cardboard labels with cellophane coating, matte, intense gloss, different color transitions, with a QR code added or with printing layers.<br><br>We have a very wide production area. For this reason, we also produce for the promotion of textile products, restaurant menus, jeans cardboard labels, theatres, cinemas, fairs and supermarkets. We produce and ship via fast shipping such as DHL or UPS. Depending on the urgency of the order, we can also produce on the same day. (15% higher fee is charged.)

We can also reduce your logistics costs by getting quotes from logistics companies depending on the size of the order.

Turkey's We think that we are unrivaled in terms of affordable prices, fast production and fast delivery of products due to being the logistics epicenter, location between Asia and Europe and attractive prices in production.

For orders, e-mail, whatsapp or call directly at our production center. we can. <br><br>We wish you success in your trade and promotion.

Thank you.


Cardboard labels are a huge field with a very wide range. For this reason, it is very important that the customer knows what he wants or works with a labeler who knows what he is doing. For years, we have been understanding very well what the customer wants in the cardboard and label industry and we produce labels that are exactly right for you.

Cardboard labels are the first image of your brand. And we know how important it is. The image of quality reflected on paper is the cardboard label. Before the product, you take the label and examine the label. and you come up with an idea. It is very important that the label is compatible with the product. It is the only part that completes the product. We produce labels for you with all types of cardboard. We produce cardboard labels in the thickness and weight you want with fancy cardboards, kraft cardboards and other cardboard types. We produce it for you in the best quality at the most affordable price and produce exactly the label you want. We offer you the type of thread you want for your cardboard labels.